With Star II you can search the assortment of Stollwerck GmbH.
On fairs you are experiencing a demo version of STAR II. That means
that you will see only a selection of the whole product range and certain
features of STAR II are disabled.

You may choose first between packed and unpacked products.

If you choose to search for unpacked products
you will be able to search for a specified materialgroup (bars, chocolates etc.) or all products and to specify a certain plant (city of production).
If you choose to search for packed products then you will be able to search also for brands like Sarotti and Alpia.
Please click on the search button after you made your selection to see the results.
All results will be shown in the content frame.
To see the results of a specific produt please click on the image of the product or on the details link.
In the content frame you will see then all the details of the product you selected.