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D – 22844 Norderstedt

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Chairman of the Board:
Fons Walder

General Manager:
Fons Walder, Jean Marie van Logtestijn

Registered office: Norderstedt

Trade register: County Court Kiel, HRB 17621 KI
VAT-ID-No. DE  811 195 661

Responsible for contents according to § 6 MDStV: Kathrin Jessen

Liability: Despite a thorough control of the contents, we cannot be hold liable for the contents of any
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1. The Stollwerck GmbH, with registered offices in Am Stammgleis 9, 22844 Norderstedt,
provides various websites under and other addresses for the information
of and communication with Internet users.

2. As provider of a teleservice, Stollwerck will only ascertain, process or use personal data
(details about personal or factual circumstances of a certain or determinable person) as it
is necessary for carrying out the teleservice (basic data). We will not further process or use
these data for other purposes unless the user has given his permission to do so. Neither
do we consider the use of our website as permission, nor does the use of this website
depend on your consent.

3. You have the right to cancel your permission to store, process and use your data in future,
at any time: Your canellation can either be done in writing or per Email. If you wish to opt-out,
please send an Email to

4. Responsibility for contents
a. The Stollwerck GmbH is responsible for the contents of its own website according to general laws.

b. For contents of any other sites linked to our site, Stollwerck is only responsible in so far as we have knowledge about the contents and as there is the technical and reasonable possibility of preventing their use.

c. are not responsible for contents of any sites that are accessible from our site.

d. Any obligation to stop the use of illegal contents acc. to general laws will remain unaffected, if Stollwerck - by keeping the secrecy of telcommunication- learns about such contents and a disconnection is technically possible and reasonable.

5. Copyright
All contents of this website are copyrighted and the property of the Stollwerck GmbH.
The use of written information and data (i.e. press releases, data collections and similar things)
from this website is only permitted, if:

a. documents will not be changed
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c. the copyright and these terms and conditions will be stated on all copies.

The contents may not be used except as provided in these terms. Any infringements will be prosecuted. The permission does not include the right to use the design and layout of any photos or pictures shown on this website or other websites that are owned or operated by a Stollwerck company. All elements appearing on this website are copyrighted and protected; they may neither be copied nor reproduced in whole or part except as provided in these terms (above: a-c); this especially applies to brands, logos, designs, and to any audio and visual materials appearing within this website.

6. Brands, titles , logos
All product names mentioned on this site are brands of the Stollwerck GmbH or of its licencers, no matter if they are emphasized or marked with the symbol ® or if they are not outlined at all. Brands of Stollwerck's co-operators may also appear on this site. Their use by third parties is prohibited. Products that are presented on this site for German addressees may be available in other countries under a different brand and name, with a different presentation or composition. If you have any questions, please contact the Stollwerck GmbH in your country.

7. Liability
All information contained on this website are revised thoroughly. However, the Stollwerck GmbH is not responsible for information fulfiling the users purpose. Access to this website and the use of its documents is at the user's own risk. We are not liable for any negligent breach of duty as far as they do not concern any contractual obligations , or attributes assured, or claims according to the product liability law. All documents and related illustrations that are available on this website, may contain technical or typographical errors. The Stollwerck GmbH reserves the right to modify or supplement the content of this site. You may download programmes at your own risk. The user itself is responsible for a sufficient data storage. This applies especially to a download of progammes from our website